What is called datafication – i.e. more and more businesses are data businesses – means the quantification of life from an individual’s perspective: started as a grassroots movement in 2008, the quantified life has become a global trend, urging major brands like Nike or Walmart to jump on the train in order to get a better understanding of their customers.

Embracing this trend, Datarella disrupts highly skilled survey and market research specialists of the past with its big data analysis of empirical social data: as a behavioral analytics platform that turns data into insights with practical value. Datarella collects, analyzes and explores data on users’ daily behavior and in return provide them with valuable feedback helping them to manage their lives better. With this data we empower our customers and researchers to generate new insights and to gain a deeper understanding of the human behavior.

Datarella focuses on the areas Media & Communications, Health & Pharma, Traffic & Tourism and Retailing. Typically, companies in these industries already have amassed huge amounts of data and begin asking themselves how to manage those data. In these cases, iognos provides its in-depth big data analysis expertise and helps the company making sense of its data. For new market entries, new product development or launches, customer acquisition or customer retention campaigns, companies need to understand their respective customers better. Here, Datarellas steps in and provides high-quality behavioral user data via its Explore App.